SAKPASE Sessions:Verse Simmonds + Fresh | The 5H & 21 Savage song that never happened.


Yesterday had a session with @versesimmonds. + @iamworldwidefresh of Always a family affair when "Lil Bro" @versesimmonds in town. Fresh and Verse came thru and wrote three hooks. We had to move to the @brewerystudio because my room doesn't have an actual vocal booth. (Booth vs no booth?) Lil known fact. When verse and I moved to LA in 2003. We used to hop over studio gates and sneak into people's sessions to write on their projects. We no longer have to climb over gates. #VVS #Jugganauts #Fresh. BTW. @versesimmonds has new music out now on Spotify. Go check it out. 


First time I worked with @iamworldwidefresh was with @versesimmonds in a @fifthharmony record. Ironically. (The name of the song is actually the name of their tour. P.S.A). We were done with the song and as always Fresh in his NY accent "You know what would be crazy if we put 21 Savage on this Jawn." For the next 24 hrs everyone tried to get 21 on it. So if it ever happens. It was Fresh's idea first. Yesterday did a holy flex and said yeah " you know I'm on that Tamala Man gospel jawn".


@versesimmonds and @iamworldwidefresh. And my really dope wall.